Wat Umong: Explore the Historic and Serene Jungle Temple

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Step into the serene world of Wat Umong, a hidden gem nestled in the lush greenery of Chiang Mai. Known as the Jungle Temple, this historic sanctuary offers a unique blend of tranquility, nature, and spiritual depth.

The Historical Roots of Wat Umong

Wat Umong’s origins trace back to the 14th century when it was established by King Mangrai to provide a peaceful retreat for forest monks from Sri Lanka. This ancient temple stands as one of Chiang Mai’s oldest, offering a rich historical and cultural experience. The temple’s long history is intertwined with the development of Buddhism in northern Thailand, making it a significant spiritual landmark.

Influence of Buddhadhasa Bhikkhu

The teachings of Buddhadhasa Bhikkhu, a renowned 20th-century Thai monk, have left a significant mark on Wat Umong. His philosophy of integrating natural environments with spiritual practice is evident throughout the temple. A statue of Buddhadhasa Bhikkhu on an islet in the lake serves as a testament to his enduring influence and contributions to Buddhist thought.

wat umong, umong temple
wat umong, umong temple

Exploring the Enigmatic Tunnels

The labyrinthine tunnels of Umong temple, built in the late 14th century by King Ku Na, are one of its most intriguing features. These tunnels were designed as meditation spaces for monks, offering a quiet and secluded environment. The walls are adorned with ancient murals depicting lotuses and animals, adding to the mystical atmosphere. Above the tunnels, a historic bell-shaped Chedi stands, symbolizing the temple’s rich heritage.

Cultural and Artistic Heritage

Scattered throughout the temple grounds are various cultural and artistic treasures. The iconic Buddha head near the tunnel entrance, replicas of the Asokan Pillar, and several ancient Buddha images highlight the temple’s deep spiritual and artistic heritage. The murals inside the tunnels, though faded, offer a glimpse into the artistic expressions of the past.

The Majestic Pagoda

At the heart of Wat U-mong lies its impressive Chedi, a striking example of Lanna architecture. This large, circular structure, believed to have been constructed in the early 14th century, features a bell-shaped design that has been meticulously restored over the years. The Chedi’s elegant tiers rise above the surrounding forest, creating a serene and majestic silhouette against the sky. Encircled by a tranquil garden, this Chedi not only serves as a focal point for the temple grounds but also as a spiritual beacon for visitors seeking peace and reflection.

wat umong, umong temple
wat umong, umong temple

Unique Forest Monastery Experience

Unlike many other temples, Wat Umong is situated in a natural forest setting. The temple grounds are filled with tall trees, a cool stream, and a fish pond, creating a tranquil environment ideal for meditation and reflection. The natural wooden bridges and the surrounding greenery enhance the temple’s peaceful ambiance, providing a refreshing escape from urban life.

Relaxing at the Lake

One of the highlights of Wat Umong is its serene lake, surrounded by big trees and home to tame deer, fish, and various birds. Visitors can relax by the water, feed the fish, and enjoy the soothing sounds of nature. This peaceful spot is perfect for reflection and provides a refreshing contrast to the busy city life.

Meditation and Mindfulness Practices

Wat Umong is renowned for its meditation and mindfulness programs. The temple offers various classes and retreats, allowing visitors to practice Dhamma in a serene natural setting. This focus on mindfulness and inner peace attracts both locals and tourists seeking spiritual enrichment and a break from their busy lives.


wat umong, wat u-mong, umong temple, u-mong temple
wat umong, wat u-mong, umong temple, u-mong temple

A visit to Wat Umong offers an immersion into Chiang Mai’s spiritual and natural beauty. Whether you’re on a day tour or a half-day excursion, this forest temple provides a unique blend of history, art, and tranquility. Open daily, visitors can join meditation sessions, explore the grounds, and learn about the temple’s historical significance. Wat Umong’s enchanting ambiance and rich heritage make it a must-see destination in Chiang Mai.

How to Get There

Wat Umong is conveniently located near Doi Suthep-Pui National Park and can be easily accessed from Chiang Mai’s city center. If you prefer a scenic journey, consider renting a bicycle and riding through the charming local neighborhoods. The ride takes about 30 minutes and offers beautiful views of the surrounding countryside. Alternatively, you can hire a tuk-tuk or a songthaew (shared taxi) from the city center. The fare is reasonable, and the ride provides a comfortable and direct route to the temple. For those on a budget, public transportation options, such as local buses, are available and provide an affordable way to reach this serene retreat.

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